Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thing 24

                 Alright! Things 24! So my favorite discovery was the RSS feed. I had no clue before completing this activity as to what even the icon meant on most websites. Now I see it everywhere. I found that it was the one application that I never truly understood and therefore could call a discovery. My favorite exercise was creating a photo booth image out of my flicker pictures. This program has made me want to step outside the box when it comes to my classroom, and integrate technology in more ways that I thought before. I didn’t actually think I would like blogging, but now I think of things that I could blog about in a personal blog, and hope to encourage my students to blog. I plan on having students use flicker as a project for the novels that we read in class. I want them to find different photographs that could go as illustrations with certain scenes within the novel. I think that this would help them to relate to the story through visual aid. I also plan on having students use collaborative assignments because I know that this is an application that would help them greatly outside simply the educational world. I plan on keeping up with the web 2.0 developments by simply using the applications regularly.

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