Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thing 24

                 Alright! Things 24! So my favorite discovery was the RSS feed. I had no clue before completing this activity as to what even the icon meant on most websites. Now I see it everywhere. I found that it was the one application that I never truly understood and therefore could call a discovery. My favorite exercise was creating a photo booth image out of my flicker pictures. This program has made me want to step outside the box when it comes to my classroom, and integrate technology in more ways that I thought before. I didn’t actually think I would like blogging, but now I think of things that I could blog about in a personal blog, and hope to encourage my students to blog. I plan on having students use flicker as a project for the novels that we read in class. I want them to find different photographs that could go as illustrations with certain scenes within the novel. I think that this would help them to relate to the story through visual aid. I also plan on having students use collaborative assignments because I know that this is an application that would help them greatly outside simply the educational world. I plan on keeping up with the web 2.0 developments by simply using the applications regularly.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thing 23
              The link posted above shows a website stating that this is the original 23 things which the program APSU has is based off. Creative Commons was something that I had never heard of before taking this class. I wish this would have been earlier on in the class, as by now I might have used one or two images off the internet that I might not have been entitled to. I plan on teaching about Creative Commons and copy write policy along with plagarism before my students get into any writing in the classroom. One of our assignments was to create a Power Point explaining copy write rules, and it is something that I plan on using when I go to teach this lesson. I plan on using Creative Commons as a way to access other teachers lesson plans and informative Power Points. I feel that the site is well put together and it would be easy to access many ideas that I know were intended for my use. I plan on also giving back to the Creative Commons website. I feel that once I get my grounding as a teacher, it's my responsibility to help others who were once new like me.

Thing 21

                  The website Animoto serves as a very easy way to create photo slideshow videos online. I created a thirty second video of pictures of my child within a minute. The video looks like I paid a professional videographer to create the video. The site has music compilation to go with the video you create. There were minimal options for a free trial thirty second video, but if this is something you could see as using multiple times then it would be worth a membership fee.

Thing 21 Video

Lennon's First Years

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thing 22

Access Code 1234

For this activity, we created online binders via LiveBinders. The title of the binders I created were Flipping the Classroom, Lesson Plans, and Rubric Generators. The above link is a ling to my binder on flipping the classroom. 

One way that students could use livebinders in the classroom is to create a binder for all projects that are completed via online, and turn it in for a homework grade. Many of my teachers when I was in high school would do this for an extra credit grade right before our final as so many of the things on the final would come from this notebook.

Thing 20

                For Thing 20, the activity was to choose a video off YouTube and add it to my blog. I found this to be one of the easier activities as the YouTube site is one that I visit often, but mainly for music purposes. The video that I chose is on the concept of ‘flipping’ a classroom. I chose this video as it is a concept I haven’t heard discussed before. I fell in love with the idea of ‘flipping’ the classroom after watching this video. I also found lots of videos from other teachers on ways to make the flip easier. I think that it is great that teachers are so willing to help each other learn ways to teach more quickly and effectively.

                  The tool that I chose is from the website Buzzuka. This is the link The idea of this website is to create a thirty minute pitch for advertising companies. One thing that it boast is to take Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and shrink it into a thirty second clip to which others understand.  One way that I could use this site in my classroom is to have students present on their outside class reading using these thirty second clips. I believe we could get through a whole class worth of presentation in one period at that speed.

Thing 20 Video